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by jarvedon on January 16, 2013

Seth Rudetsky AuditionAfter an incredible Master Class and Audition for “Reflections of a Rock Lobster” with Seth Rudetsky, BCT is still on Cloud 9!   Thank you to the amazing Seth, who wrote about his experiences at BCT this past weekend in his column on  Here’s a excerpt:

“I read the play (by Burgess Clark) on the way up and it’s so good. It’s the story of Aaron Fricke. I remember this story from high school. Aaron was a senior at a Rhode Island high school and he wanted to take his boyfriend to the prom. Naturally, the school said yes right away. End of story. No, actually, what happened was the principal forbade it. He claimed it was a “safety issue,” that the other students wouldn’t accept it and the result would be violence. Well, instead of fading out, Aaron (who was only 18!) sued his school! The play has the judge’s verbatim decision and I’m obsessed with it!…part coming-of-age story, part underdog story, part love story, part courtroom drama and it’s all trueCome see the show in Boston or get the book that Aaron wrote.”

You need to read his entire article.  CLICK HERE– you’ll love it!

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