Marcia J. Trimble New Works Program

Paula Plum as ‘Loretta Fricke,’ Ian Shain as her son ‘Aaron Fricke,’ and Richard Snee as ‘Walter Fricke’
Reflections of a Rock Lobster, 2012


Annie? The Sound of Music?  How about Calvin’s Monster or Reflections of a Rock Lobster or The Homework Machine? Since 2011, Boston Children’s Theatre (BCT) produced the World Premieres of  three original productions, and in doing so helped to contribute to the health and future of the American Theatre.  To continue this vital artistic work, BCT is proud to announce the establishment of the Marcia J. Trimble New Works Program at Boston Children’s Theatre.

Ensemble-Dragon,Wolf Center-Hi-Res

Calvin’s Monster, 2012


The program is named for the successful children’s book author Marcia Trimble, whose story “Fairy Tale Moments” was the inspiration behind BCT’s World Premiere musical Calvin’s Monster.  “I’ve always felt that stories are the tools of a child’s life,” says Marcia Trimble.  “Though there’s nothing better than classics like Peter Pan, we need new stories, modern stories that today’s youth can relate to. The social issues that today’s youth face need a voice on stage – to help empower the next generation through the arts.”

The program will provide BCT with the ability to:

  • create new works and share them with other theaters both nationally and internationally
  • ensure that new plays of quality and substance secure a continued life in children’s theatres
  • strengthen BCT’s ability to develop and produce new work in the local community
  • cultivate an informed, passionate and supportive audience for new works of children’s theater in the future
  • utilize the development of new theater works to create a deeper relationship between BCT, the Boston community and other theater communities
  • develop regional and national funding sources to support the creation, production and continued life of new works for children

Another key component is the creation of several integrated activities associated with the development of new work.  The activities include:

  • a full-scale production of a new work on the main stage
  • a continued collaboration with the Boston Playwright’s Theatre on the MA Young Playwrights festival
  • 3 – 4 new play workshops per year