What our parents, students and patrons are saying...

“I just returned from the Summer Studio 4 orientation that Toby Schine and Burgess Clark conducted this evening. Wow. I knew from the information we’ve received and from conversations with my daughter that BCT is a step or two above high school standards. Until I heard the two of you speak tonight, I did not comprehend just how big a step this represents. This is an amazing opportunity for our kids to experience professional-level instruction, expectations, standards, and community. I was delighted with what I heard, and I’m thrilled for this opportunity for my daughter.”
—  Peter Axelson, Parent of BCT Studio 4 student

Congratulations to all our BCT Seniors!  We are extremely proud of all our graduating students and wish them all the best as they begin the next stage of their lives.  As they head to the colleges and universities of their choice, several students took a moment to reflect on what BCT has meant to them over the years:

“BCT became my life over the past few years.  Under the guidance of Burgess Clark, Toby Schine and Daniel Blake, I have become the person I am today, and I am a better person because I went to BCT.  I have made life long friends with every member of BCT and I know I will always be able to depend on them.  I am very excited to start the Directing program at Pace University in the Fall and I want to thank Burgess for helping me see the bigger picture as an artist.  I look forward to coming back to BCT to direct in the future.” — Justin Hynes, incoming freshman at Pace University, Directing Program

 “BCT gave me the most crucial tools in preparing for college: training, experience, and support. I was trained in singing and acting and exposed to the expectations of professional auditions and rehearsals. I was given information in how to present myself in both college auditions and future job opportunities, preparing me down to every measure of music and word of monologue. BCT also gave me confidence to jump out into the college process through alumni interaction, connecting me with past students attending colleges I was applying to, and personal support, helping me find the programs that best suited me and navigating me through the mental stress of auditions. I would have been completely lost without the guidance of BCT’s staff and fellow students, as they understood the process inside and out and were able to help me through the technical requirements and give me beneficial feedback and unending support.” — Futaba Shioda, incoming freshman at New York University, Musical Theatre Major

“BCT prepared me for college by not only working with me on my vocal and acting skills (thank you Daniel Blake, Toby Schine and Burgess Clark!), but also training me for the life of a musician/actor: to celebrate other’s successes, to be motivated, and to drive towards your passion, despite what others might say.” — Nolan Murphy, incoming freshman at Berkeley College of Music, Vocal Performance Major

“BCT has meant the world for me in every way! I was barely considering pursuing Musical Theatre before I came to BCT and they gave me the courage to follow my dream. They helped me recognize my talents and abilities and helped me further strengthen them. Without BCT’s preparation, I would not be where I am today, and I couldn’t be more grateful!”–  William Goldstein, incoming freshman at Pace University, BFA Musical Theatre 

“I have grown so much with BCT.  Daniel Blake turned me into a singer and believed in me when no one else did, not even myself.  Toby Schine refined my acting skills which allowed me to get into the program that I will be attending for the next four years. They were both my shoulder to lean on when I wanted to give up, and they urged me to go forward.  I could not be more grateful that they did. The Show Choir is also an immensely talented group of people, not to mention they are all so friendly and welcoming. I look forward to seeing them again the second I leave rehearsal. And of course there is always Burgess Clark.  Every time he sees me he is always giving me incredible advice on how to better myself as an actor and as a human being. Everyone at BCT inspires me to push myself every single day. I owe them everything.”  — Matt Ryan, incoming freshman at Ithaca College, BFA Acting

“Without a doubt, the training that I received at BCT was the reason that I felt so comfortable in each and every one of my college auditions. Sitting in the waiting rooms for hours on end, I was able to observe other students who were visibly nervous, monologues in hand, trying to make last minute revisions to their pieces. Because of the hours of work that Daniel, Toby, and Burgess put in to help prepare me for my auditions, I never had to feel that way. I was always calm and focused as I waited, knowing that I was well prepared and at my best. College audition season is hard, strenuous, and you learn a lot about yourself on the way. What makes BCT’s approach so special  is that they truly care about each one of their students. When I went out on each audition I knew that I did not just have one coach rooting for me, but rather the whole institution was behind me. In a business that can be so lonely, finding a family at BCT made this college audition process so much easier.” —  Ian Shain, incoming freshman, The University of Southern California, Theatre Major

“Boston Children’s Theatre helped me to find and prepare songs and monologues for my college auditions and they prepared me for the often forgotten interview portion.  Above all, BCT prepared me for the hardest part of the audition process: dealing with acceptances and rejections in a sane and logical manner.” – Felix Teich, incoming freshman at Emerson College, Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Acting


“I knew from a young age that I belonged in the theatre. However, it was only when I discovered Boston Children’s Theatre during my sophomore year in high school that I was given the tools, knowledge, and confidence to actually do so. Through classes, private lessons, and productions at BCT, I learned about what a professional career in theatre might look and feel like. I also learned a great deal about myself through the process, and was able to battle my own inner demons by exploring and expressing myself through the exercises and rehearsals I experienced there. Perhaps most important was the guidance I received throughout my college application process. I never would have been able to get accepted to Emerson College’s theatre program (among others) without the help of BCT’s college class, the many college process discussions in the Advanced Acting Class, and, most of all, through private lessons with Toby Schine. I would have been lost without BCT, both in the college application and auditions process and in my emotional life. Because of their program, I was able to fulfill service requirements to graduate from high school, and in the fall I will be majoring in Theatre Studies with a concentration in Acting at Emerson College. I am so grateful to the instructors, cast members, and great friends that I met and learned so much from at Boston Children’s Theatre. I don’t think that I would be pursuing my dream today if it wasn’t for all of them.” — Emily White, incoming Freshman at Emerson College

What parents are saying about BCT’s College Audition Prep Seminar:  

“The class was really so helpful, please thank the staff. I came away with solid ideas for my daughter, demystifying the process was helpful as this is unknown territory for us.  The BCT staff was knowledgeable and good humored. Their honesty and commitment to the students were genuine.”  – Bernadine Vatcher, parent


“I was blown away by the performances in ‘Little Women.’  Everything was magnificent.  I really love the story and music of the show, but seeing BCT’s rendition of Little Women was the highlight of the summer! Many friends and family attended the show and were so impressed…they all said they felt like they were seeing a show on Broadway. It was absolutely beautiful. The entire cast sounded better than great.”  – Kelly Kastrinellis, Boxford, MA

“It has been 3 days after the last performance of ‘Footloose’ and we are still humming the songs. Thank you for not only creating a professional workplace but also a very friendly environment where kids’ talents would thrive and they feel part of a big happy family.  Congratulations on putting in stage such a beautiful show on such a short time period. Kudos to the production team, directed by Lisa Yuen, for working with different ages and characters and bringing the best out of them.

What we saw on stage was a cast of young talented people who were not just following a script, but they were performing while having the most of fun. Looking forward for more experiences like this one with Boston Children’s Theatre.” –  Pandeli Dhima, Milton, MA

“I just want to let you know how thrilled we were with Jordan’s Wild West
birthday party.  She was over the top excited.  So many parents told me
after what a fantastic change it was to come to such a creative birthday
party.  Thank you for making it such a special day for us.  All the extra
details were so wonderful down to the beautiful cowgirl cake, Jordan was
ecstatic.  All a mom wants on her kids birthday is to see that huge grin
that says “this is the best day of my life” thanks for letting us see that
grin.  We will be telling all our friends about the BCT birthday party experience.” –Julie, Boston

“Over the years at BCT, I have learned lessons from students and staff alike that have not only prepared me for a future in theatre, but have made me a better person and enriched my life. Though I know a future in performance will require hard work, dedication, and emotional stamina, my teachers and friends at BCT have offered endless support. It is because of BCT that I have chosen to pursue musical theatre, and because of BCT that I feel confident in my ability to have a career doing what I love.” –Leisa Loan, Boston

“BCT is like a family. No matter what is going on in your life you can find someone who is willing to help you work through anything and everything. The people who come to BCT are more than actors: they are my best friends!” -Koty LaCount, Chelsea


“This year I wrote my final exam in my school in Germany. I wrote I wanted to graduate from a musical theatre education as a next step. After that I would like to live in America and be a musical actress. So with this program I have the possibility to live my dream for five weeks and see if this is really what I imagine. My real passion is dancing. I use this program to get better in it and to see if I’m as good as I thought in comparison with other Germans. Although I have the most experience in dancing I’m interested in singing and acting and I’m so glad to be here because this program helps me to go outside the envelope. I live my dream right now and I realize that this is exactly what I want. I’m happy.” –Jasmin Schroeder, Germany

“Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone involved in The Diary of Anne Frank.  The performance was so well done and our students really enjoyed the experience!  They were buzzing about the play the whole ride home, and many were deeply touched.  I really appreciate what everyone at BCT did to bring this story to life for our students.”
Liz Hegarty, Dedham Middle School

“I am the Mom of Isabella Berkeley and I just had to send you a quick note.  At the end of each camp day, Isabella is more animated than the day before.  She has endless stories about the campers and teachers and is having the time of her life.  However, as she would point out, she is also learning a lot. Her father and I just wanted to send our thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm.  More than anything else, we wanted Isabella to understand that theater, while fun, is also a serious art form requiring hard work, constant effort and tenacity.  The professionalism of your staff, coupled with their passion for theater, makes them the best role models around.
Thanks again and we look forward to seeing the final show!” –Amy & Duncan Berkeley


“In one morning with BCT, a student can reach highs, lows, and irksome middle places. He can feel tired, unsatisfied, and unconfident at times. (It’s true: I was “him” once.)
But, to quote the BCT show that revolutionized my acting experience, “No one is alone.” Indeed, he is not alone at BCT. He finds himself welcomed and truly cherished by a community of supportive teenagers who are all just as anxious, sensitive, and unsure as he is. Together, they will overcome fear of failure and shine onstage.Such mature young people are not always embraced everywhere. That’s why I think BCT is such an important institution. In many ways, to shamelessly quote yet another musical, I consider BCT a theatrical “Camelot” for young people, offering our imperfect society a near-utopian sense of equality, acceptance, and diversity–across all ethnic, intellectual, and socioeconomic barriers.” –Patrick Brady, Boston


“Thank you for the excellent show (The Diary of Anne Frank) you put on for us. I thought it to be extremely entertaining and it was very believable. I can tell by all your accents and great acting skills that you worked very hard on this performance. This wardrobe was excellent and I felt like I just went through a time machine. The set was perfectly set up and the show was perfect in every way. I believe it was the best field trip I’ve been on.”